More Stories of Changed Lives and Team Experiences

From a Dirty House to a Clean Heart

20170429_204452God had a purpose for us to stay in a house where we (and I particularly) did not want to stay. The place was gloomy and dirty. A single man around 60 years old owns the house. At first, we didn’t know that he was intentionally keeping his house very untidy, until the pastor of our host church gave a little background about him. Read More

New Hope is Found

Father-&-sonThe Team Leadership Practicum (TLP) became much more than a requirement for me. It became a story of God’s hand working out his great plan in my life. When I was 10 years old, my hope for a complete family was lost when I learned that my father was going to have a new family. But through God’s love, I accepted my three half-sisters and brother like my true siblings. Read More