Distribution of Requirements

A minimum of 75 trimestral units(TU)** of work is required to complete an MA TTL degree. The credit hours are distributed as follows:

Type of CoursesThesis TrackNon-thesis Track
Core24 TU24 TU
Major24 TU24 TU
Cognates/Electives10 TU10 TU
Thesis12 TU-
***Integrating Courses--
Professional Internship5 TU5 TU


  1. **CHED requires 36 semestral units. IGSL MATTL requires 75 trimestral units. One semestral unit is equivalent to 2/3 of a trimestral unit; thus for example, 75 TU x 2/3 is equal toabout 50 semestral units.
  2. Cognates/Electives: A choice of 3 courses that will enhance — Ministry Skills (3 credits), Integration of Biblical Principles  (4 credits), and One’s Educational Practice (3 credits).
  3. ***One of the integrating courses for the non-thesis track should require a major paper on an action research or practicum in their major field.
  4. Previous graduate work completed in a recognized graduate school that has not been counted toward a degree may be considered for transfer credit to the MATTL degree on a case-to-case basis by the Program Committee.
  5. To qualify for Professional Internship: a student must have taken at least 50 units (2/3 of the course work) and has taken at least 1 research course.


Designed to be finished in 3-5 years, the courses are offered in many forms – modular, trimestral or during weekends.