Timetable for Processing of Applications for IGSL Scholarship for Academic Years 2017-2019

This timetable covers applications for the MA in Transformational Leadership under Memoranda of Agreement with the AFP, PNP, BFP, and BJMP, hereafter referred to as the “Service”.

1. Promotion and inquiries stage (November 2016-January 2017.)
The Service shall publish information on the availability of IGSL scholarship to all its units, including the following information:
*         The International Graduate School of Leadership, a Christian institute of higher learning, is offering 2-year scholarships to qualified commissioned officers leading to a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership.
*         The program of study would equip officers who are projected to occupy positions related to organizational transformation, leadership and character development, values formation, doctrines development, education and training, including tactical officers at service academies and other training institutions.
*         Scholarship covers tuition, annual book allowance of Php15,000 and monthly stipend of Php10,000.  Housing on campus may be available on a case-to-case basis.
*         Applicant must be a commissioned officer on active duty, a college graduate, preferably of the rank O-3 or higher as the Service may allow, must pass the English competency test administered by IGSL (a fee of Php500 will be borne by applicant), must be willing to be a fulltime student from May 2017 to April 2019, and not due for career schooling or deployment for the duration of the course.  If not a resident of Metro Manila, applicant must be willing to relocate family to IGSL.
*         For more information, interested parties are advised to visit the IGSL campus, see the IGSL website (www.igsl.asia) or email their inquiries directly to the Office of Admissions of IGSL: admissions@igsl.asia.
2. Orientation and application stage (January 2017)
1.      Prospective applicants are required to attend a 2-day scholarship orientation at the IGSL campus at 12 Daisy Street, Old Sauyo Road, Novaliches, Quezon City, on 25-27 Jan 2017.  The purpose of the orientation is to help applicants decide whether or not to pursue their application.  It is free of charge and open to all interested parties.  Spouses of applicants are encouraged to attend.
 2.      After attending the orientation and confirming interest in pursuing studies at IGSL, applicants apply for the scholarship through proper channels in their Service.
 3.      At the same time, to facilitate processing of applications by IGSL, applicants must submit all required application forms, transcripts, and other documents not later than 31 January 2017.
3. Evaluation stage (February 2017).
1.      IGSL shall screen applicants through the English competency test, interviews, and documentary and other requirements.
2.      Upon completion of deliberation by the IGSL scholarship committee, IGSL shall submit to the Service a list of qualified applicants for the MATL program.
3.      IGSL shall send formal invitations to the qualified applicants.
4. Issuance of orders (March 2017).
1.      The Service shall screen qualified applicants per Service policy and submit to IGSL a list of its final recommendees by 15 March 2017.
2.      The Service shall issue orders for the final recommendees to undergo schooling at IGSL from May 2, 2017 to April 30, 2019, copy furnished IGSL.
3.      The scholars shall be relieved of all duties and responsibilities prior to reporting to IGSL as a fulltime student.
5. Reporting for schooling (May 2017)
1.      Scholars move into student residence on campus.
2.      Scholars begin their studies in IGSL.