Chapel Messages


The IGSL community gathers every Tuesday for worship, fellowship, prayer, and time in the Word. Read about the messages shared by faculty and guest speakers.


Mountain-Moving Ministry
Posture: Dependence on God [Link to PDF]

Mark 9:14-29

Dr. Ron Gaff

July 11, 2017


God-Dependent: Through the Platform of Prayer [Link to PDF]

Philippians 4:5b-7 & 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Mr. Dan Andrew Cura, President of Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC)

July 4, 2017


Posture: God-Dependent Faith (IGSL Organizational Values) [Link to PDF]

2 Chronicles 16:7-9

Dr. Tom Roxas

June 27, 2017


Prayer in Times of Confusion and Disappointment [Link to PDF]

Exodus 5-6

Prof. Andrew Heyd

February 14, 2017


The Secret Prayers of a Leader [Link to PDF]

Ephesians 1:15-23; 3:14-19

Rev. Bong Baylon

February 7, 2017


Kingdom Vision and Priority Setting [Link to PDF]

Matthew 6:9-10, 33

Dr. Paul Sungro Lee

January 31, 2017