Rebellious Lives Redeemed


Rebellious and disrespectful—this is how I would describe the 40 ninth graders of Silang class in San Bartolome High School. I felt like giving up until I realized my wrong assumptions. From our first meetings, I already noticed their disrespectful behavior. Most of them weren’t interested in our values class, and my hope for them was waning.

One day I taught them about the prodigal son. At the end of the session, I asked them about their relationship with their father. I found out that most of them have family problems: separated parents, abandoned by their father, no love in the family, etc. I realized this is why they are being rebellious. They have not experienced fatherly love. If 30 out of these 40 students have family problems, how many more among the 6,000 students of San Bartolome High School are experiencing such hopelessness?

Since then, a greater passion to reach these students grew in my heart. I shared the Father’s unconditional love with them. Week by week, I noticed changes in their behavior. Some of them are now connected with local churches. Through these changed lives, I am encouraged to continue leading students to a meaningful life in Christ.


Target Area Ministry update by Angel Tandoc (Third year, Master of Divinity)