Stories & Testimonies

Pastors Receive Training Without Leaving Church

18426073_10212841322767316_706422422_nIt’s the end of another day and Pastor Daniel Castillo, a Foundations for Christian Leadership (FCL) teacher, approaches his students after class. He shakes hands with them and tries to get to know them better. One of the students, Ryan (not his real name), is a young pastor in Leyte. Read More

Why I Serve Through FCL

kennygI became a Christian through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) back when I was in college. On September 7, 1973, I received Christ as my personal Savior and Lord inside the University of the Philippines (UP) theater while watching a magic show by Andre Kole. Read More

Words From the Word

“I hate stories!” This is a statement rarely made. Stories are well accepted and appreciated by most, especially when they are clear, short, filled with adventure, and packed with at least one lesson. Stories appeal to people no matter what their age or educational attainment is. Read More

Words From Lucena

FCL is expanding its influence, and many pastors and workers are benefiting from this training. It’s a great help for them personally and for their ministries. On December 2010, the FCL team went to Lucena to conduct training for pastors and lay leaders who were willing to invest their time and energy in the ministry. Read More

Words From Nepal

Sixteen pastors have completed all three modules of FCL training this year (what year?). We conducted one module of training every year, and it took three years to complete all three modules of the curriculum. Fifty more pastors are taking the FCL training. Some of them have just began this year. Read More

Serving Fellow Workers in the Ministry Through FCL

Before knowing Jesus, I perceived myself as a typical person. I supposed that my drinking, smoking, womanizing and cussing were typical, light stuff. I thought that these things didn’t matter because I helped in our family business and served in the church choir anyway. But things began to change when I received the Lord on February 3, 1985… Read More