Foundations for Christian Leadership (FCL)


Foundations for Christian Leadership Team

Front row (L to R) – Rev. Wilfredo Dingli; Rev. Lito Sampan; Mr. Tani Holgado Back (L to R) – Rev. Kenny Garcia; Ptr. Dan Castillo; Ptr. Melvin Pascual; Ptr. Rogie Candelario; Ptr. Nelson Tan; Ptr. Bogie Tamon




Foundations for Christian Leadership (FCL) is a modular training program designed to equip local church pastors and lay Christian leaders in Asia with basic biblical knowledge and practical ministry skills.

FCL is meant for pastors and lay workers with little or no formal theological training, yet who are already involved in ministries within their local churches. The curriculum aims to equip participants who are able to comprehend at a high school level or above. An FCL certificate is awarded at the completion of the program.

FCL Mission

To equip pastors, lay leaders and church planters with little or no formal training to become servant-steward leaders for strategic impact in fulfilling the Great Commission.

FCL Vision

To encourage and equip pastors, lay leaders and church planters in the essential knowledge, skills and spiritual character needed to be effective and fruitful servant — steward leaders in fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ.

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