Certificate of Biblical Leadership


The Certificate of Biblical Leadership (CBL) program is designed to assist a local church in developing lay leaders for a variety of ministries. These leaders might be responsible for ministry in a class, cell, or affinity group. The CBL program incorporates classes and experiences that equip leaders through a balance of biblical, theological, and practical training. The CBL program blends IGSL resourced classes and local church “homegrown” classes/trainings, all at a certificate level.

Classes are held in local churches in the Manila community.

Certificate Requirements

The CBL program has two basic sets of requirements: classes and training/growth experiences.

To complete the CBL program, students must complete 24 credits (12 classes at 2 credits each) of certificate-level classes in the following categories:

Course     Units
Bible (Transforming Bible Study class, plus three other classes)     8
Theology (Living Salvation class, plus one other class)     4
Practical Ministry (Growing as a Leader class, plus one other class)     4
Electives (four classes)     8
Total     24

Along with the requirements listed above, students must complete some form of Old Testament and New Testament Survey (the CBL Old Testament and New Testament classes, a close substitute class, or the Walk Through the Bible OT and NT seminars).

Each class involves approximately 20 hours of work, either in the form of in-class hours or work completed outside of class in addition to class hours.

A minimum of 12 hours of in-class time is required for each two-unit class.

Training/Growth Experiences
In addition to the completion of classes, each student must also complete the following required training/growth experiences:

Evangelism Training. Ministry skill training and practical field experience in personal evangelism must be satisfactorily completed. Popular training such as Campus Crusade’s New Life Training Center basic evangelism class, or the basic Evangelism Explosion class are encouraged. A home-grown evangelism training class will qualify under specified guidelines.

Small Group Involvement. To complete the CBL program a student must be actively involved in a small group (Cell, Care Group, Growth Group, etc.) for at least 6 months.

Recommendation from Leadership. The student’s local church pastor and small group leader must fill out a recommendation form affirming the student’s character, spiritual life, and ministry skills for him to complete the CBL program.