FAQ & Important Information

What is the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership program? 

The Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership is a 2-year program designed to equip students with focused, graduate level training in leadership built on a Biblical foundation.  The purpose of this program is to equip students with the spiritual perspective and core skills needed to plan, implement, lead and sustain transformation initiatives within organizations.

How do I find out if the MATL program is for me?

This program is suited for emerging leaders who look forward to spending many more years in their organization and who anticipate being assigned in a command or staff position, particularly in organizational transformation, policy formulation, education and training, personnel, civil relations and other similar staff functions.  The program takes two years of uninterrupted, full-time study to complete.  Scholars should not be due for career schooling or deployment for the duration of the course.  For more information, applicants may visit the IGSL website, visit our campus, talk to any of our faculty or students, or attend the orientation for applicants on January 25-27, 2017, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

What is included in the scholarship package? 

The scholarship covers 100 per cent of school fees, book allowance of PHP15,000 a semester, and a stipend which currently stands at PHP10,000 a month.  Due to the heavy academic load and traffic in Manila, we encourage students and their families to live on campus for the duration of their study.  We have student apartments on campus for this purpose. Click here to see the Timetable for Processing of Applicants for the AFP/BJMP/PNP/PCG-IGSL Scholarship.

Are there any educational opportunities for my wife in IGSL? 

IGSL has a certificate program for the wives of students called the Partner in Ministry (PIM) program.  It is designed to equip the wives of students who will serve in churches or Christian organizations to more effectively partner with their husbands for greater ministry effectiveness.  It is also suited for military wives as it covers Christian marriage, parenting, counseling and Bible knowledge. Click here to know more about the Partners In Ministry program.

Is the MATL program for chaplains?

The MATL program is intended for general line officers who are expected to serve in regular command or staff positions.  It is not intended for chaplains.  IGSL has other programs that are better suited for chaplains, but these are not covered by the current scholarship agreement.

Is the MATL program for Christians only?

IGSL is a non-denominational, evangelical Christian institution.  IGSL does not endorse any single church or religious denomination.  While the scholarship program does not exclude applicants on the basis of their faith, students are expected to uphold IGSL’s statement of faith.

Why are there subjects in Biblical and theological studies in a course on transformational leadership?

The way we live our lives and lead others is influenced profoundly by our worldview – the lenses through which we view the universe and interpret history and our personal experience.  A person with a purely materialistic worldview would approach life and its challenges differently (eat, drink, be merry for tomorrow we die) than a person who believes that he/she bears the image of a Holy and loving God, who has an unstoppable strategic plan for the universe that He created, and who will one day restore the universe according to His original plan and hold everyone to account for every act, both seen and unseen.  We believe that the present decline in integrity in public service, morality, family values and community reflects the rise of materialism and the increasing marginalization of the Christian worldview.  Biblical and theological studies will ground the student in the Christian worldview, which is the bedrock of any meaningful transformation.

I would like to apply for the MATL scholarship.  What do I need to do next? 

First of all, you need to undergo the 2-day orientation program on January 25-27, 2017, at IGSL.  We encourage you to bring your spouse with you, at least for the first day of the orientation.  The orientation will help you decide if the program really is for you.  Once you are satisfied that the program is suitable for you and you would like to proceed with your application, you need to apply through channels within your organization, usually through the office of education and training or its equivalent.  You will also need to pass the English Proficiency Test, submit your college transcript and other documents, and appear for interview.   The results of the screening process will be known by March, 2017.  Successful applicants must be ready to report to IGSL in May, 2017.