Program Values

  • Centrality of Christ – Genuine peace comes from living reconciled relationships through the truth, justice and grace found in the cross of Christ.
  • Calling of the Church – A transformed church has a transforming presence. True Christ followers live reconciled relationships, growing to become peacemakers, impacting surrounding communities.
  • Necessity of Biblical Counseling – Conflict involves material matters tied to relational heart issues. Conflict resolution includes dealing with destructive desires of our hearts that affect others.
  • Authority of God’s Word – The Bible speaks with universal principles to conflict issues. Various insights, often discovered through sensitive dialog, help guide wise application of God’s truth to all of life.
  • Model of Leadership – Servant Steward leaders compassionately serve God and people, fulfilling kingdom purposes, and giving an account for the truth, people and opportunities entrusted to them.
  • Dynamic of Learning Environments – Program participants are valued as adult learners whose life experiences and interaction enrich classroom, field, and mentored learning environments.
  • Balance of Program Elements – Program participants are developed in the knowledge, character and skills needed for effectively practicing and equipping others in biblical peacemaking.