Program Uniqueness and Impact

What Makes This Peace Studies Program Unique?

  • Core biblical values – We believe that the cross of Christ, His church, the authority of God’s Word and sensitive cultural application are central to biblical peacemaking. This extends to the role the heart plays in conflict and the way leadership is expressed.
  • Non-residential format – The program can be completed while you continue in your ministry. Intensive modular courses limit your time away. Your practicum work is done in your ministry context, and online tutored elective courses allow you to do some of your study from home.
  • International learning community – You take courses in a cohort with participants from a variety of countries in Asia and Africa, forming a lively learning community that benefits from shared life experience. International faculty, potentially from five continents and all with peacemaking experience, will be your mentors and guides. Participants from previous cohorts also expand the network.
  • Personal mentoring – International and local mentors are involved, both in Manila and in your home context.
  • Customized learning – Flexible course assignments, personal mentoring, elective courses, and individual research all contribute to a program relevant to your cultural and ministry context. The three degree exit options are designed to offer training fitting your previous degrees, strengths and gifting/calling.

You learn to reconcile your own relationships, gain skills to assist interpersonal conflict resolution, then study and apply community peacemaking strategies.

What Are Program Participants Saying?

The program becomes a life-formation process, not just classroom education! The mentoring aspect of the program was excellent . . . As we take what we’ve learned and apply it, it will be powerful for our organizations.”

I appreciate the learning community and network of international relationships . . [The new friendships] are really valuable. I did not expect this in a doctoral program.

Our goal isn’t to simply understand conflict, but to resolve it. I believe that’s what differentiates this program from other degrees – – that you don’t only study peace, but you are equipped to be a peacemaker.

My personal life and ministry have been transformed!