Program Format

This is a non-residential modular program, offering three, week-long intensive courses a year. Participants take courses as a cohort each July for the first three years of the program, living and studying together for a month at IGSL in Manila, Philippines. After three weeks of intensive study, another week involves debriefing, personal mentoring, and library research to round out the month. The PhD program involves more courses after the first three years, some of which are conducted online. This format allows busy ministry leaders to continue in their work while decreasing travel costs.

Pre-course and post-course work are required, including reading, writing, and application to ministry. Mentored ministry experience is spread through the program.

Elective courses are offered either as residential intensives, tutored on-line courses, or mentored tutorials in the participant’s home country. After all courses are finished for the degree, the final one or two years are mainly dedicated to researching and writing the final paper, thesis, or dissertation.