Curriculum Design

Core Courses With ThesisNon-Thesis
ES 500 Cultural Worldviews4.54.5
ES 501 Foundations of Education: Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy4.54.5
ES 580 Quantitative & Qualitative Methods of Research4.54.5
ES 581 Statistics for Educational Research4.54.5
ES 590-95 Situated Coaching6.06.0
24 units24 units
Major Courses
ES 630 Creating Learning Environments4.04.0
ES 660 Curriculum Based on Understanding4.04.0
ES 662 Curriculum Design & Development4.04.0
ES 663 Authentic Assessment4.04.0
ES 601 Textual Hermeneutics4.04.0
ES 642 Transforming Servant-Steward Leadership4.04.0
24 units24 units
Cognates & Electives10 units10 units
Courses that will enhance ministry skills (3 units), the integration of biblical principles, (4 units), and educational practice (3 units).
Thesis Writing & Oral Defense (Thesis Track)
ES 689 How to Write a Thesis3.0
ES 690-698 Thesis Writing & Defense9.0
12 units
Integrating Courses (Non-Thesis Track)
ES 610 Reasoning & Worldview Formation4.0
ES 641 Personal Transformation for Effective Leadership4.0
ES 639 Contemporary Trends & Issues in Teaching & Learning12 units
ES 699 Professional Internship: Practicum5 units5 units
TOTAL75 units75 units

Curriculum Design (MATTL)