PIM Life

pim-life-coverMondays are a very special day at IGSL! The campus comes alive in a new way as wives and mothers from over 20 different countries join together to learn and share. The sounds of women laughing and sharing in classrooms, hallways, and nipa huts can be heard as they study God’s Word and discuss its application to their cultures, families, and ministries. The fellowship continues on in the afternoon ISGs, as the women share more personally and pray for one another. Each woman’s story is unique and enriches the others as they process what God is doing in their lives. prayerSeveral times each year, PIM also continues outside of Mondays for special seminars, outreaches, socials, and special days of prayer. Truly PIM is a life-changing program, which blesses not only the wives, but their husbands, children, and the world as well!


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