2016 Peace Studies Program – DMin/PhD

peace-studies-students The third cohort of the AGST/IGSL Peace Studies Program has begun and is meeting during October on the IGSL campus. Eight upper level leaders from six countries on three continents  have gathered for intensive courses.  They represent the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Nigeria, Uganda, and the USA. Four of the program participants are faculty members of seminaries in the Campus Crusade consortium of graduate schools (IGSL, East Asia School of Theology, and African Centre for Theological Studies).

This month program participants are taking their first courses of the core curriculum:

“Personal Life/Ministry Assessment” – Dr. Steve Hobson, Oct 3-7 (3 credits)

“Theology and Practice of Personal Peacemaking” – Dr. Karl Dortzbach, Oct 10-14 (3 credits)

“Models of Qualitative Research” – Dr. Steve Hobson & Dr. Karl Dortzbach, Oct 17-21 (3 credits)

Their last week on campus includes personal mentoring appointments and planning for the year ahead.

It has often been joked that PhD programs yield “Permanent head Damage.” This cohort has agreed that the Peace Studies PhD program, along with challenging academic growth, also yields “Persistent heart Development!” In-depth Scripture study, a battery of self-assessments, and open-hearted processing brings a mirror to the soul. Understanding how conflict springs from desires (James 4:1-3) and the biblical call to forgiveness and reconciliation (Mt 6:12,14; 2 Cor 5:19-20) further challenges the heart to deepen. Theology, in-depth research/analysis, and practical ministry skills all combine in this unique inter-disciplinary program.


The month began with a tour of Manila; the cohort celebrated the completion of 120 hours of classroom work with dinner at Dr. Steve Hobson’s home; and the month will be complete with a celebratory banquet where supporters, leadership, and friends of the program come together on Thurs Oct 27.