We Are Sending More Workers for the Harvest


Thank you for your prayers, your support, your love, and your generosity. You are helping train leaders, touch lives, and transform nations. “Today, at least 75% of the world’s Christians are non-Western, or living in what is called the ‘Majority Read More

Celebrating Milestones: PIM Banquet 2018


Once upon a time, an old man was walking on the beach after a storm has passed. He saw a young boy bending and picking up something from the sand. He asked the young boy, “What are you doing?” The Read More

Living Out His Calling

Encouraging them, while they were doing their group work and answering their questions

He didn’t think he’d be a teacher until he became a Christian at the age of 17. After coming to faith in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, he felt God called him to this profession. This was why Joseph Read More

Training Future Agents of Transformation


Their tough training often makes it seem like they’re made of steel. But these future uniformed men and women are not superhumans. To truly rise up to their calling of protecting our people and defending our country, they need more Read More