Application Information

We are pleased that you have made the decision to apply for admission to a master’s program at the  International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL).  The following information will help you complete the application process correctly.

Student Classifications

Students are accepted into various programs based on their qualifications.  Before you complete an application form, be sure that you are qualified for the program for which you are applying and have requested the correct set of application materials.

  1. Audit Student: Audit status is available to anyone who desires to take a course for personal enrichment without receiving credit for the course. Courses are open to Audit Students on a space-available basis only, and instructors are not required to grade their coursework.
  1. Special Student: An individual who has not been admitted to a degree program may be allowed to take courses for graduate credit as a Special Student. Special Students must hold a Bachelor’s degree; complete a Special Student application; and be accepted for Special Student status. They are allowed to take a total of 24 credit units on a space-available basis. Acceptance as a Special Student does not guarantee admission to regular degree status. Class fees are the same as those for Degree Students.
  1. Degree Student: An individual who meets all degree-program requirements may be admitted into one of the degree programs. A Degree Student must hold a Bachelor’s degree; be of sound character as biblically defined; and have enough ministry experience to discern God’s call to Christian ministry.

If you need to know important details about the program you intend to take, you may go to any of the links below. Then continue reading through the General Guidelines.

Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership (MATL)

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS)

Master of Divinity (MDiv)


Please read the General Guidelines so you would be guided accordingly.