Set free from the Devastating Struggle with Pornography

Josh McDowellDr. Josh McDowell speaks at IGSL

Pornography is one of the most devastating things wreaking havoc in people’s lives. Sadly, Christians are also consuming or even addicted to it. Eight to nine years old is the average age of exposure to internet porn. These are some of the enlightening facts that Dr. Josh McDowell shared in his talk, “Set Free: How to Help Your People Understand and Overcome the Devastating Struggle with Pornography.”

Almost 500 leaders, missionaries, students, professionals, and members of the IGSL community attended the seminar on January 28, 2019. Josh McDowell zeroed in on facts about pornography from his research, things we are doing that are not helpful, and steps that we can take to protect children and help those who are struggling.


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(Josh McDowell is an apologist, evangelist, and writer. His books include Evidence That Demands a VerdictMore Than a CarpenterA Ready Defense and Right from Wrong. He is the founder of the Josh McDowell Ministry under Cru.)