October 2017

O C T O B E R   N E W S

Dealing with Difficult Relationships

Difficult relationshipsLast October 21, 2017 around 500 people attended a seminar entitled “Dealing With Difficult Relationships” held at the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL). Dr. Rex Johnson from Talbot Theological Seminary taught the participants about the complexities of relationships especially when encountering coercive, controlling, manipulative, and demanding persons. Read More


Remembering Luther

Remembering LutherLast October 14, 2017, almost 200 pastors, theologians, missionaries, church leaders, and believers gathered at the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) to celebrate 500 years of the Protestant Reformation in a forum dubbed as “Remembering Luther”. This gathering commemorates the said historical event as a significant tipping point in the story of Christianity. Read More


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