IGSL Warmly Welcomes New Students and Faculty

new students and faculty
The 2016 freshmen and IGSL faculty

green box-2Forty-four new degree students and 25 Partners In Ministry (PIM) students are added to IGSL this academic year 2016-2017. These students came from nine countries in Asia.

To prepare them for the life in a graduate school, they had to undergo a 3-week Freshmen Integration Training (FIT). The training that started on May 1 and concluded last June 2 exposes new students to the different aspects of IGSL.


As proven in the past, FIT helps students appreciate learning together with people of diverse cultures. They learn to love and accept one another with their uniqueness. As they enter the actual school season, they beautifully blend in with the old students. They expect hard work and discipline as two necessities in a graduate school. And they go through life with positive anticipation and the will to finish well.

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