Office of Student Affairs

The mission of the Student Affairs Team is to help provide Spirit-filled environments that foster spiritual growth and Christ-like character for the glory of God.

The Student Affairs Team envisions servant-steward leaders maximizing their IGSL experience by developing a deeper passion and love for God, which compels them to spearhead spiritual movements everywhere.



Areas of Responsibility:

Student Council Ministry Team represents the student body to the faculty and administration in all matters pertaining to the welfare of students. It provides a forum for students and works closely with OSA to promote the greater overall welfare of the IGSL body.

Student and Community Life at IGSL

Iron Sharpening Group (ISG) is a group led by an IGSL faculty that meets every week for at least 2 hours for fellowship, fun, Bible study, prayer and training. It provides a great forum for more in depth mentoring and modeling: knowledge, character and skills.