Dr. Paul Sung-Ro Lee


  • Transforming Culture
  • Cross-Cultural Expansion of the Church
  • Pastoral Leadership


  • PhD in Religion – Oxford Graduate School
  • MA in Religion – Master’s International Divinity School
  • BA Church Ministry – Oral Roberts University

Having lived and ministered for one third of his life, proportionally each, in Asia, America, and Africa, Paul is now teaching intercultural studies at IGSL. He has written a number of handbooks and articles for different publications, and also served as a pastor.

On his blog, EAPTC Teaching Resources, he shares sermons, lectures, articles, and books available in English, Korean, and six other languages.

He is married to Eunice, and they have two sons, Timothy and Titus. Paul is affiliated with Christian & Missionary Alliance – Korea, with which he coordinates ministerial training for 300 Bible training centers, kindergartens, and local churches established in Africa and Asia through the Evangelical Alliance for Preacher Training/Commission (EAPTC) International.



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