Application Process

Application processWe are delighted that you have finally decided to apply at IGSL. The following are the steps in going through the application process:


1. Inquiries

You start the application process by knowing all pieces of information needed to be admitted at IGSL. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to find important facts prior to filling out an application form. If you have other questions not answered by the FAQ page, you may email the Office of Admissions at

2. Application Proper

After knowing important facts about IGSL, you can go back to Admissions Page and click the Online Application link to start your application process. Online application is currently not available for Doctoral programs and Partners In Ministry. Please click this LINK to download the application form.  After filling out the form, you may email it to or mail it to:


3. Evaluation:

The members of Admissions Committee evaluate the application materials that you have submitted and make their recommendation for conditional acceptance.

4. Interview of Applicant

The Office of Admissions schedules an interview with you either in person or via skype.

5. Acceptance:

After the interview and evaluation of the application materials of the applicant, the Admissions Committee releases the decision.

  • Conditional Acceptance: Students who are in the process of entering a degree program but have yet to complete all requirements. these students are allowed to start taking classes mandated by the Admissions Committee. The applicant receives a conditional acceptance letter from the Office of Admissions with other pertinent materials to help facilitate final acceptance.
  • Final Acceptance and Invitation to IGSL: When an applicant has fulfilled the basic qualifications and completed all requirements to be admitted at IGSL.  Applicant will receive final acceptance letter from the Office of Admissions.
6. Settling at IGSL

The applicant is informed that he/she is accepted at IGSL and can now move in to the dormitory.

7. Profiling

Finalize Profiler 01 to be given to the ISG leaders. This instrument shows where the student is at when he/she entered the school. It will also serve as a point of reference for the faculty members as they set goals and plan for the development of their ISG members while they are at IGSL.

Prepare Profiler 02 form. This instrument is meant to follow up on the progress of the student — a mid-course evaluation form.

8. Celebration

This event is done during the Freshmen Integration Training (FIT)

9. Endorsement of Files

The Administrative Assistant endorses the applicant’s file, including the completed Profiler 01 to corresponding departments.

The templates for Profiler 02 and 03 are now with Office of Student Affairs (OSA).